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The HS 200 is an amplifier module for active Subwoofer.
Accurate playback of the low bass area is a substantial constituent of a high-quality music
reproduction. For an impressive bass playback large loudspeakers are unfortunately
inevitable. If you prefer small loudspeakers for optical reasons, you can use these as
satellite loudspeakers system and make it complete with a active subwoofer system.
The satellites transfer thereby the mid and high output while the active subwoofer transfers
the bass area. With active Linkwitz-Riley filters 4e order the amplitude frequency responses
are added in such a way by the satellites and subwoofer combination that you will
have a totaly flat frequency response.

The crossover frequency is adjustable thereby infinitely variable between 50Hz and
150Hz. Due to this large range of control a problem-free link is possible to different
satellites and other loudspeaker systems. Additionally this active system has a low bass
rise. The center frequency is in each case adjustable between 20Hz and 50Hz, the level of
the rise between 0dB and +6dB infinitely variable. An active subsonic filters with
Butterworth Charakterristik 2e order protects thereby the loudspeakers against mechanical
overloading, since the ultrasonicl proportion of the fed signal would cause extreme
diaphragm deflections. By the discharge of the Subwoofers of the ultrasonic the bass area
is shown undistorted and more clearly.

* Amplifier for Active Subwoofers
* Active filter for Satellite
* Output power 200 Watts at 4 ohms
* Linkwitz-Riley filter 4e Orde
* Subsonicfilter 24Hz-12dB/Oktaaf
* Automatic switchs on at musikinput

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Satellite Crossover adjustable between 50Hz - 150Hz
Subwoofer Crossover adjustable between 50Hz - 150Hz

Frequency Midfrequency adjustable between 20Hz - 50Hz
Level Boostlevel adjustable between 0dB - 6dB

Level Outputlevel amplifier
Phase Switchable between 0 0 - 1800
Switch up output in fase
Switch down output out fase

Subw. in Stereo input subwoofer, left and right summed.
HighP. in Stereo input subwoofer, high level input. Left and
right summed.
Satellite out Stereo output to the satellite, filtered by the satellite

On The HS 200 Module is switch on LED is green
Off The HS 200 Module is switch off LED is yellow
Standby The HS 200 Module is swicht on by the musiksignal

Technical specifications
Output power at 8 Ohm : 125 Watt
Output power at 4 Ohm : 200 Watt
Subsonic-Filter : 20Hz / -3dB, 24dB / Oktave
Crossover subwoofer : 50Hz - 150Hz
Crossover satellite : 50Hz - 150 Hz
Bassboost: Frequency : 20Hz - 50Hz
Bassboost: Level : 0 / +6dB
Damping Factor : 600 at 100Hz and 8 Ohm
Protection : Short, mismatch, and open circuit proof.
Filter : Linkwitz-Riley 24dB / Oktave
Inputimpedance : Line-input 10 kOhm
High Power in : 1KOhm
Size frontplate : 175 x 330 mm.
Depth amplifier : 100 mm.